The Fall of Summer

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<insert Downfall clip here>

Promised some dear friends I’d start writing again, so here we are.  We’re into the meat of the semester now that summer’s well and truly done.

Back up.

Summer only just ended and I’ve already been in the thick of it.  Such is grad school, I guess.  Turned in one project last week, turning in another tonight, and turning in one more next week.  And let’s not even talk about exams.

And yet, it feels like I haven’t really done all that much.  Just look at this place for starters…  Haven’t really done much in my lab yet either, until last night.  Haven’t done my novel at all, or my programming project.

What have I done, then?  Overwatch.  I can’t play Tracer <<at all>>, but I like to think I’m not bad at it.  And yet, what am I actually doing with my life?  More to come on this…

Mousejacking Fun!

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I recently got the chance to play with the results of the awesome research by Bastille and the PoC by phikshun and infamy.  The tl;dr version (though you really should read the linked resources!) is that many wireless mice and keyboards can serve as a backdoor into a system!  Yes, that includes delivering meterpreter and Powershell Empire, too, as well as more harmless pranks.  I’m still playing with it, but it just highlights for me how truly ridiculous the Internet of Things is going to be within a few years.  It feels to me almost as if those MegaMan Battle Network games were about twenty years early.

I can’t wait to find out.

A Better xDoTool

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Pleased to present my first “production” programming project: a wrapper for the venerable xDoTool used for, among other things, sending keystrokes to a remote x11 session.  I generally prefer ssh, but I (and the team I’m a part of) end up using x11 forwarding enough that typing out [code]space[/code] among other things was getting to be a pain.  Python 3.5, and very rough at this point, but I think it’s about ready to show off.  Check it out!

Hello World

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Obligatory H.W. post, because what kind of techie would I be without one?  Welcome to my site!  This is, as you might imagine, the home for my various obsessions: thoughts on information security, projects, any creative writing I might toss up here.  You know, the typical stuff one might put on a personal site.